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Fresh water pearl ring moissanite wedding band unique pearl ring stackable matching ring white/yellow/rose gold wedding anniversary gift

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$213.00 USD
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This ring is handmade by myself.
The stones are VS moissanites and natural fresh water pearls.
The pearls are about 2mm.
Band Width approx 1-1.2mm

It need extra cost $100 to upgrade the moissanites to real diamonds:

The material is solid 14k gold(white,yellow,rose gold is also available)
Ring size can be choose from the selection box.
Please note that:
The pearls are attached to the setting with glues. The smallest, the easier the pearls fall out. Pearls are organic, they will expand and come loose when they are immersed in water or in high temperature. Especially from rings, since they are often getting hit, bumped, knocked around by accident.
How to Care for Pearls
1. Last on, first off - This is the golden rule of pearls care. Always put your pearls on last, after getting dressed, applying perfume, make-up, lotions, and hairspray or hair products. Also, always remove your pearls first before getting undressed.
2. Before putting your pearls away, wipe them with a soft chamois cloth to remove oils and perspiration.
3. Do not wear your pearls if the string is wet. A wet string can stretch and detract from the beauty of the necklace. A wet string can easily absorb dirt or grime, which will be nearly impossible to remove, so be sure to wait until the string is completely dry before wearing your pearls.
4. Avoid wearing pearls with clothes made of rough fabrics or threads that can become entwined with the string. They may cause scratches and create difficulty removing fabric fibers enmeshed with your pearl necklace.
5. Do not wear your pearls in the pool, bath, sauna, or shower. Pearl jewelry should never be submerged in water. Keep in mind that pearls mounted on rings are normally glued to a post. Even though water won't destroy the pearls, it will dissolve the glue, ultimately causing risk of loss.
6. You should remove your pearls before engaging in sports or exercise to avoid exposing your pearls to perspiration or risking the chance they will break.
7. You should remove your pearls before going to bed. Do not sleep in your pearls. The string can become weakened and strained increasing the risk of breaking.

Matching band available:

This jewelry can also be made in solid 10k,14k,18k gold,with real diamonds.Contact me!
Need rush order? contact me!
Need custom making order? Contact me!

I have confidence on my jewelry.30 days money back guarantee!(For returned item,as this is handmade jewelry.Handcrafted fee and shipping fee will be deducted,others will be refunded soon)

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