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Will Work Well Worth it

They went above and beyond to get my ring sent to me in time for my proposal and we are now engaged. Customer service best at 3am. The rating is great but the ring is more square around the edges than round and circular like the images depicted.


Pictures don’t do it justice. Quality is immaculate. Arrived in about 3-4 after purchase.

This ring is amazing

My girlfriend at the time asked for a ring with floral decor, a sapphire, and white gold with a 6.25 size. It took me maybe 10 minutes to find this ring online and now my fiancée loves it and won’t take it off. 10/10 definitely recommend!

Words can’t even describe how beautiful

Words can’t even describe how elegant and beautiful this ring is. Absolutely stunning!! I bought it for myself as I have never had a real piece of jewelry and I’m so glad I did. This is something that I can pass down to my future children or even add to it with other pieces. I contacted the seller to ensure that I was doing everything right and they responded quickly and very nice. They said it would take up to 3 weeks to make and 7-10 to ship and I got it in a little over 2 weeks from my order date. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their jewelry and they definitely have a life long customer! Thank you for what you do.


I absolutely love this ring! It fits perfectly and it is gorgeous! 10/10 would recommend!!

Beautiful Wedding Band!

I absolutely love this ring! It's exactly what I wanted! I am a size 4!
It is a dainty ring and great for smaller hands like mine!

Looks beautiful!

This ring came in absolutely perfect! The stones were a bit smaller than I expected, but the ring looks gorgeous.

Do it!

At first I was skeptical with ordering from WillWork due to some reviews that I seen on Reddit and a few other review forums, however I still purchased from the company. I am beyond happy that I did. I ordered the ring that I wanted and even made some changes to it after my initial order. I asked Will if he could make my ring 18k, with VS2, G colored diamonds being used for the accent stones. I even decided last minute that I would pick out my own stone. Will made the process very easy and seamless. I am in love with my ring even more so as I upgraded the diamond quality and color! I adore my ring tremendously and believe fully that you get what you pay for. Will did an excellent job with my ring as it was a graduation gift to myself as I received my Masters degree! When the time comes and I am ready to get engaged/married I will be ordering another set from him!

Simply beautiful!

I love this ring. The color is great and the cut is nicely done.

Best Engagement Ring EVER!

When I decided that I was going to propose, I wanted a ring that was going to stun and be completely out of the box design. That is exactly what I found in Willwork Jewelry. The options seemed unlimited and I had never seen anything like them. I showed my Girlfriend what I had found because the Willwork's stones were non traditional and to say she loved it would have been an understatement. The ring was crafted and arrived before expected, with great assistance from an on point team. I took my GF to Breckenridge CO and she said YES! Best choice I've ever made! Thank yu Willwork!


Willwork Jewelry was great to purchase from. They make wonderful quality jewelry. What sets them apart from others, in my opinion, is their great customer service. They take time to create each piece so be patient it will be on its way. Their customer service is top-notch, courteous, patient, and attentive. They communicate well with their customers, and with that, I will definitely purchase from them again, and on top of that will recommend them to others. Thank you and peace!

1.5ct Unique kite cut moss agate engagement ring set marquise cut moss agate ring vintage rose gold 6 prong diamond wedding ring set women

Love this ring!

This engagement ring is perfect. It's beautiful, comfortable, and so unique. The moissanite is gorgeous and shines with unmatched brilliance. Needless to say, I said yes!


the ring was GORGEOUS. 10/10 recommend anything from them! can’t wait to see her face when I propose!

Absolutely stunning.

My fiance and i were blown away by the qualiry of this ring. It arrived in about 3 weeks and the cutsoner service was fantastic. Definitely recommended

Absolutely stunning!!! ???? love it so much the picture doesn't do any justice for how beautiful it is.

I was expecting the amethyst to be a richer purple color like in the picture! It was also a little smaller than expected from the picture! Other than that the ring was pretty!

Absolutely gorgeous!! the fit is perfect! I am beyond pleased with this beautiful ring!!!