7 Ways to Transform Your Engagement Ring with an Upgrade

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and from the moment of your proposal, the journey begins. You have both experienced all the ups and downs, the celebrations and upheavals and it hasn’t always been rosy, but you have weathered the storm together in an increasingly difficult time for couples, and what better way to renew that devotion than with an engagement ring upgrade?

No matter how you decide to change it, make sure it continues to honor your significant other’s love for you. It is now common practice to upgrade rings and besides making modifications, which can be just about enough, in and of itself, there is nothing wrong with swapping an old one for a new one. In this article, we will look at the many great options to upgrade an engagement ring.

Different Ways to Upgrade

Having made up your mind to go for an upgrade, then it’s only right you know what options are there for you and the following upgrades will make this decision easy to make.

1) Upgrade Your Solitaire to a Three Stone Engagement Ring

If your initial ring was a solitaire engagement ring, then it’s natural for you to take the next step. You will be able to add some extra sparkle by adding a few more diamonds. A great option is to add two smaller diamonds on either side of the first center diamond. By doing so, you can draw yes to the first and largest diamond ensuring there is more balance to the ring adding some more elegance and sparkle to the ring. A three stone engagement ring is symbolic of your past, present, and future together. This is what makes them a great anniversary gift.

2) Improve the Color

Without question, diamonds are an engagement ring’s most popular stone and this is for good reason. Is there any wedding or engagement without this clear and white sparkling stone? But a great upgrade would be to add some more color to your engagement ring. There are many ways this can be done. One way is to add extra stones or to add new stones for an old setting. Great gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies all come in bright, dazzling colors that ensure you get an engagement ring that will turn heads again. Another thing you can do is change the metal like go for white gold over rose gold metal for the band itself. Improve colors whether on the stone or metal is guaranteed to give your ring the rejuvenation it needs.

3) Enhance a Diamond Solitaire

Don’t we all love the simplicity of diamonds? However, if you love to see more sparkles, upgrading your single diamond with another ring is a great way to do this. Fit in around your original ring another specially made ring that will transform the old into the new. These types of rings elevate the level of sophistication and panache, without any change made to the style or shape of the original ring. Having said that, extra caution must be exercised in choosing these kinds of rings by ensuring they match your current ring and blend seamlessly well.

4) Glam Up The Band with more Sparkles

If you want a more subtle way to upgrade your ring, you might want to consider changing the band. This you can do by adding some extra diamonds to a plain white gold band for a more magical sparkling effect. Another way you can reinvent is to choose an elegant V French-set band for a plain band. The extra light that the tones receive makes them sparkle brighter to make it make it stand out better.

5) Change Your Band Material

Everything isn’t about improving the sparkle in your band. You might be looking to upgrade your band material to improve how long it will last. For instance, one great choice is to swap platinum for gold.  Because of gold’s yellow color, you can create white gold by adding white metals to gold. With time, this metallic plating would wear down, and replating white gold rings to maintain their white shade. However, a white metal like platinum will not need replating. Platinum’s hypoallergenic properties are another benefit. Platinum is favorable to people with sensitive skin, as these kinds of people easily react to other metals found in gold, compared to platinum.

6) Change Out an Old Setting

It’s not unusual to have rings passed down from one generation to another in a family. Using an heirloom could indicate the sentimentality, high value and rich history the ring possesses.But all styles don’t really age well, and even if sentimental value is of great importance to you, you may not love the old-fashioned style. A great way to revitalize an ageing traditional ring is to change the setting. You can preserve the family tradition by keeping the original stone, yet also give a new life to the ring. So, if you want to preserve your family traditions, changing settings in a great way to go.

7) Upgrade to a Better Stone

Replacing the stone is one of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade your stone. Some reasons why you might want to do this might be wanting a bigger stone, you would like a colored stone different from what you already had, or you might want a differently cut stone.

This is a great way to go, irrespective of your reason and what type of stone you want to switch to. Doing this will allow you to be able to have the ring re-invented while ensuring the band and much of the setting remain the same. This is a great compromise point when trying to get a new look, but not lose the sentimentality of your ring.


When it comes to making an engagement ring upgrade may be a big change for you and your significant other, and it’s not a decision you want to make without serious consideration. However, a change may be necessary now, and this may just be the perfect way to symbolize your journey together and to signal hope for a better future. Today there are many imaginative ideas when it comes down to reinventing your engagement ring and there has never been a better time to make that move.