Custom Engagement Rings Guide

Custom Engagement Rings: A Witness to Your Special Moments. Your Wedding Deserves a Truly Unique Experience.

Are you curious about how we customize engagement rings and the intricate details involved? Let's explore the process together!

The Custom Ring Design Process Step

Step 1: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Our talented designers start by sketching rough ideas on paper, using pencils and gouache to refine the design. This creative process can take a few days to several months before arriving at the perfect model.

Step 2: From Sketch to Reality

Our skilled craftsmen refer to the design drawings and either manually carve wax plates or use modern computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a 3D model. Hand-carving adds a personal touch, while CAD ensures precision and efficiency.

Step3:The Art of Casting

The ancient lost wax casting method plays a significant role in crafting our 18K rings. For custom pieces, we take a unique approach by creating a single, exclusive item for each design.

1:Crafting the Wax Tree

Our artisans carefully hand-weld each wax ring onto a wax stick, forming a wax tree that resembles the shape of a large tree. This intricate structure is the foundation for casting your unique engagement ring.

2:The Plaster Injection

The wax tree is then encased in a plaster mold using the lost wax method.

3:Baking Gypsum

The gypsum mold goes through a baking process to remove any remaining wax and moisture, ensuring a clean and precise final product.


We melt the metal solution, usually gold or platinum, and pour it into the gypsum mold. The molten metal fills the space left by the removed wax, taking on the exact shape of the custom-designed engagement ring.

5:Blasting and Cleaning

After casting, the gypsum mold is cooled and cleaned. We meticulously remove any remaining gypsum, ensuring the surface of the gold tree is pristine.

6:Shear Casting

The jewelry is carefully cut and detached from the golden tree along the bottom of the water outlet.

Jewelry production. (Holding the mold - finely grinding the rough ring holder)

Skilled craftsmen take over at this stage, using special tools and techniques to execute the mold, bringing your design to life with precision and care.

Jewelry Polishing (Polishing Once)

Each piece undergoes meticulous polishing, adding a smooth and lustrous finish to your custom engagement ring.

Selecting and Setting Stones

Our experts handpick diamonds and gemstones that perfectly match your design. They carefully set each stone under magnification, achieving a flawless micro-inlay.

The Final Touch

Further polishing treatments are applied to the metal surface and details. In some cases, jewelry may undergo electroplating for an even smoother surface.

Rigorous Quality Inspection

Our strict quality control team inspects each finished piece, ensuring it meets our highest standards. Any imperfections prompt a return to the production process until perfection is achieved.

Proudly Displaying Your Treasure

After completion, we proudly display and photograph your exquisite jewelry, capturing its unique beauty for eternity.

Safeguarding Your Precious Jewelry

Finally, your custom engagement ring is carefully placed in an elegant gift box, ensuring it remains safe and cherished.

How to Choose Your Dream Design?

We guide you through the process, carefully considering various inlay Gem-setting, main stones, cutting styles, matching stones, and ring styles. Your design will be a reflection of your love story and personal style.

gem setting types

cutting styles

engagement ring styles


Selecting Stones


What's the Cost of Custom-Made Engagement Rings?

At WillWork Jewelry, we understand the value of owning a truly unique piece that represents your ideas and inspiration. While not the cheapest option, the essence of jewelry lies in its preciousness and beauty. Our dedicated artisans take pride in crafting personalized pieces that stand the test of time. With engagement rings starting at around $500, we offer a range of handmade ring exhibitions, allowing you to choose your perfect combination of cutting, gemstones, and shapes.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Designing a custom engagement ring is a labor of love. At WillWork Jewelry, we dedicate ourselves to creating exceptional pieces for our clients. Thanks to our perfected and exquisite process flow, we can complete most custom engagement rings in about one month. For intricate and innovative designs, additional time may be required. Feel free to contact us via email to discuss your specific requirements.

Experience the joy of owning a personalized engagement ring that tells your unique love story with WillWork Jewelry. Our team of skilled artisans is here to guide you through every step of the customization process. Reach out to us today and let's create something extraordinary together!