Choosing Gemstones According to Seasons- WillWork Jewelry

We are easily influenced by colors, they can alter our moods, interests, and perceptions. Colors are trendsetters and define seasons as they mirror the natural feelings at those times. You can make a bold statement and elevate your personal style when you choose the right gemstone color. In this WillWork Jewelry's guide, you will discover the best gemstone picks that harmonize perfectly with the changing seasons and fashion trends.

Gemstone Colors for Spring

Nothing captures the revival of spring like the vibrant lime green gemstone, Peridot. The fresh hues of peridot resonate with the lushness of nature’s budding leaves and early flowers and complement seamlessly to spring fashion’s pastel tones.

Aquamarine’s clear sky-blue color is a reflection of spring’s clear bright blue skies, which is why it is a great part of an ensemble in the season.

Gemstone Colors for Summer

Swiss Blue Topaz
Swiss Blue Topaz has a radiant and saturated blue that reflects summer’s intense skies. Summer is the perfect time to pair the vibrant tone of this stone with the typically bright and bold colors of the season.

Ruby the bold red gemstone that embodies summer’s heat and vibrancy but it also brings with it the luxurious light to the fabrics that dominate the apparel in this season.

Gemstone Colors for Autumn

The golden-yellow color of citrine is a representation of the golden leaves of fall. Citrine’s bright yellow disposition provides a good contrast to the earthy tones common to autumn fashion.

Garnet is the deep red hue that captures the rich warmth and landscapes of autumn. It pairs perfectly well with colors such as yellow, orange, and brown of the season’s palette.

Gemstone Colors for Winter

Looking for a stone that brings a regal touch to your winter wardrobe? It is amethyst. Winter’s monochromatic and metallic fashion color pairs well with the deep and saturated color of amethyst.

Black Onyx
Black has always paired beautifully well with whites and that’s why black onyx is a stone that offers a stark contrast against winter’s whites and grays while being just as sophisticated and bold.

Matching Seasonal Wardrobes with Gemstones

There are several considerations to keep in mind when integrating gemstones into seasonal wear. Some of these considerations include complementary colors to create a balance in your outfits. Ruby and amethyst are two tones that provide a warm jewelry counterpoint to other cooler seasonal hues. On the other hand, aquamarine and peridot, which are lighter stones are more subtle. Black onyx works with most color combinations, and it versatility offers a bold contrast to any seasonal wardrobe. With Swiss Blue Topaz, a delicate balance with neutral and warm summer tones can be achieved. 

For the everyday look, settle for elegant, subtle, and smaller pieces that complement instead of outshine your outfit. For unique events, choose bold statement outfits that better match the deeper colors of your jewelry gemstone pieces and seasonal palette. Your outfit color, occasion, and season are always priority considerations when it comes to making gemstone jewelry choices.


A beautiful way to transform your fashion style and keep with the rhythm of nature is to select gemstone colors that align with nature. If you can pick the right gemstone colors for a casual occasion or a formal event, you are sure to not only take your look to a new level but also better express your personality through the use of colors. In the mesmerizing world of gemstones. colors aren't just hues but gateways to self-expression. Let these vibrant treasures be your canvas reflecting the captivating rhythms of nature's ever-changing beauty.