Opal Ring Set


    Opal is believed to be the "stone of dreams and change." Known in mineralogy as precious opal, the term "opal" originates from the Sanskrit word Upala, meaning precious stone, or possibly from the Greek compound word opallios, signifying color change. As early as 200-100 BCE, opal was used as a gemstone, with ancient Rome having a term, opalus, denoting "combining the beauty of multiple gems into one." The Roman naturalist Pliny vividly described opal, stating that on a single opal stone, one could witness the fiery red of rubies, the vibrant purples akin to amethysts, the sea-like greens reminiscent of emeralds, all blending seamlessly and enchantingly. The beauty of opal's hues rivals that of an artist's palette and the flames of burning sulfur.

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