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In the world of fine jewelry, elegance doesn't always come with a hefty price tag. Introducing a curated selection of exquisite rings under $500, each a testament to craftsmanship and affordability. Let's explore the characteristics and symbolism of these stunning pieces, perfect for any occasion.

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2ct Round Aquamarine Ring
*Crafted with 14k Rose Gold, this vintage-inspired ring boasts a 2ct round aquamarine center stone. Aquamarine, known for its serene blue hues, symbolizes tranquility and inner peace. Handmade with love, this unique piece is perfect for a wedding anniversary or as a token of your enduring love. Wear it to elevate your everyday style or showcase it on special occasions.

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Vintage Teal Green Sapphire Engagement Ring
*A teal green sapphire takes center stage in this unique rose gold engagement ring. The teal green sapphire, a symbol of wisdom and serenity, is surrounded by diamonds. Its vintage charm adds a touch of timeless elegance to your bridal ensemble. This ring set is perfect for brides seeking a distinctive yet affordable choice.

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Morganite Ring Set
*For the romantics at heart, this vintage rose gold morganite engagement ring set is a dream come true. The pear-shaped pink morganite symbolizes love and compassion, making it an ideal choice for weddings. The twisted design adds a modern touch. Whether you wear it as a wedding set or stack the rings for a chic look, it's a symbol of everlasting love.

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Vintage Alexandrite Engagement Ring Set
*This art deco-inspired ring set features a kite-cut alexandrite and a moonstone, surrounded by moissanite accents. Alexandrite, a rare gem, represents transformation and luck. Its color-changing properties make it truly unique. Crafted in rose gold, this set is perfect for weddings and promises a lifetime of enchantment.

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Opal Ring Vintage
*Full of charm, this opal and emerald wedding ring band is a May birthstone delight. Opals are believed to bring good luck and creativity. This full eternity band offers versatility, whether worn alone or stacked with other rings. It's a unique jewelry gift for any occasion.

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Kite Cut Green Sapphire Engagement Ring Set
*A marquise-cut moissanite complements a kite-cut green sapphire in this rose gold ring set. Green sapphires represent loyalty and fidelity, making them an excellent choice for engagement. This set offers a unique twist on traditional bridal jewelry, ensuring you stand out on your special day.

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Oval Cut Moissanite Ring
*An antique-inspired moissanite engagement ring in gold and silver adds a touch of alternative elegance. Moissanite, known for its brilliance, symbolizes enduring love. This ring set is perfect for brides seeking a vintage yet budget-friendly choice.

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Aquamarine Ring Set
*A cluster of aquamarines creates a snowdrift effect in this rose gold ring set. Aquamarine, the birthstone for March, is associated with courage and clarity. This dainty moissanite ring set is perfect for the minimalist bride looking for something unique.


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Kite Cut Black Rutilated Quartz Ring
*A marquise-cut black rutilated quartz takes center stage in this rose gold engagement ring. The unique black rutiles within the quartz offer a distinctive and sophisticated look. This ring set is an ideal promise ring or alternative engagement option.

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Vintage Natural Emerald Ring
*This vintage-inspired emerald wedding band showcases the vibrant May birthstone. Emeralds symbolize rebirth and renewal, perfect for celebrating anniversaries or graduations. This unique ring is a testament to your individuality.