Why Should You Buy a Tanzanite Engagement Ring?

The first step in showing true commitment between two people who love themselves is the engagement ring. And because it is a symbol of a treasured moment, couples never want to get it wrong.

Most people go for diamond engagement rings - the classic choice for couples. However, today, many options have become mainstream for couples who dare to be different. Step in Tanzanite, the stunning blue gemstone that was discovered in Tanzania in the 1960s and named after this beautiful African country.

Tanzanite’s radiant and elegant blue shade makes it a veritable option for engagement rings. The heart melts at the first glance of a Tanzanite ring, and you get to understand what really makes it so special, which isn’t something you see right away with other gems.  

Choosing a gemstone for an engagement ring is still a personal thing, but we hope to convince you to open up to Tanzanite and mark that beautiful moment with an unforgettable gemstone.

So here are seven reasons why Tanzanite is just the right choice for engagement rings.

1. Break away from the norm

Even though we naturally assume diamond is every girl’s best friend, the truth is that it wasn’t always so. The diamond trend started in the 1940s but like every trendy thing, a new shift is happening.

Colored gemstones are becoming the popular choice for engagement rings as people want to try something new, be more original, and choose a stone that complements their personal style and beliefs rather than keeping with an outdated trend.

Tanzanite has taken the engagement ring market by storm. It’s no surprise at all, considering its delectable color, fire, and timelessness. There can be no better way to show your partner how truly special your love is than to buy a Tanzanite engagement ring.

2. It is Rare

It would interest you to know that Tanzanite is one of the world’s rarest gemstones. It takes special conditions on the earth for Tanzanite to form, which is why it is incredibly scarce. The continental shift that set up the conditions for Tanzanite formation happened more than 500 million years ago, an occurrence that is very rare. With this in mind, you know buying a Tanzanite engagement ring becomes not only a symbol of love but of how rare she is.

3. Its Color Stands Out

The trichroic nature of Tanzanite is typically the first feature that stands the stone out from the pack. From royal blue to soft lavender, its hues ensure you will make a fashion statement.

Although how it was cut and treated determines its color and intensity, lighting heavily affects its color display. With a Tanzanite engagement ring, any angle the hand turns will see light hit it differently from there, which will make it display different hues.

The intensity of Tanzanite’s royal blue is most prominent in mid-day sun.

4. Pairs well with other gemstones

Tanzanite is even more beautiful when paired with other gemstones like diamonds. Mounted alongside smaller diamonds and precious stones on an engagement ring, the glamour is unmissable. Even though Tanzanite alone on a ring is mesmerizing, set with other gems, it is absolutely ravishing. In the end, the choice of which option is best depends on your partner's preference and personal style.

5. It makes a statement

A Tanzanite stone gets its character from the color, fire, and intensity emanating from it. You can be sure that this stone will make a statement in an engagement ring. It doesn’t matter if you want a ring that has intricate designs or something subtle but delicate.

Tanzanite is a rare gem that is bold and exudes sophistication and elegance. Your loved one will surely stand out in a crowd spotting a ring with Tanzanite.

6. Tanzanite never diminishes in value

This sort of explains itself considering the rarer an item, the higher its value. Tanzanite’s value is not expected to drop in the near future. In fact, with Tanzanite mines predicted to run out in some decades from now, the value is permanently on the way and not letting. The stone’s scarcity will continue to be experienced from one generation to the other, and so also will its growing value.

7. Highly Valued yet Affordable

While we’ve talked about how its value will continue to increase, you might be asking “Does it cost as much as diamonds?” The answer is no!

While Tanzanite is much rarer than diamonds, it will surprise you to know that it is much more affordable. Its rarity has not made it to be expensive beyond reason. It’s a colored gemstone that has incredible value for money. With its relatively low price per carat, you get a fair price for an engagement ring. You also get the freedom to choose your perfect size, cut, and shape.


A diamond symbolizes value and longevity, but it does not make as near a statement of uniqueness as Tanzanite does. The rarity of Tanzanite, elegance, and eye-catching indigo-blue color can be the token that signifies your one-of-a-kind love. The meticulous attention you give to buying the perfect engagement ring that your significant other will appreciate would be proof of your loving affection. Dare to be different and invest in a Tanzanite engagement ring and you will be proud of your choice for many years to come.

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