What Is Moss Agate?

Moss Agate, also known as Mocha Stone, because of the charming internal landscape of this kind of agate, which resembles natural green ribbons, twisting and winding, as real as fantasy.

Moss agate is a natural silica composition, which is the result of a natural phenomenon hundreds of millions of years ago, the violent movement of the earth's crust, the underground magma erupted, quickly cooled and produced bubble holes.After a long time, these holes were immersed inside some solution containing silica condensed into a gelatinous substance, and after crystallization, people excavated natural agate.Because of the different conditions of formation and the substances contained in each place, moss agates of different quality and color will appear.Moss Agate is now found across the world in India, Brazil, Uruguay, the United States and central Europe.

Moss Agate Meaning

Moss Agate is known as "growth crystal" - a powerful conduit of the earth's Life Force of birth, development, and creation, and of the power of nature's constant renewal. The Moss Agate stone meaning is a symbol of vitality, healthy and peace.

Whats Moss Agate Good For


Moss agate works to soothe and calm. Helps you find the feeling of the combination of the bottom of your feet and the land, and the feeling of the connection between your head and the sky. Let you feel that the whole person is integrated with the world, so that the whole person can calm down.


Moss agate is good for speeding up recovery treatments. It fights inflammation, cleanses the respiratory system and detoxifies the system. It is also often effective for low blood sugar, dehydration, flu, chills, influenza, high fever, etc.

People who wear moss agate, if they are salesmen, are improving their sales performance and working better and better. If they are children, they are getting smarter and smarter, and their ability to act and adapt is getting better and better.

Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Some moss agate rings suggested for you:

1, Vintage kite cut green moss agate engagement ring set moissanite ring for women. WILLWORK Jewelry's main style. It is one of the most classic rings in our store, and it is the king of the retro route. The kite shape is the most popular gem shape in recent years. The white moissanite is used as the accent stone, which highlights the unique temperament of moss agate.


kite cut moss agate ring

 kite cut moss agate engagement ring set

2, Unique emerald cut green moss agate engagement ring rose gold ring.The main stone is a 6x8mm emerald cut moss agate. The accent stones are pear 1.5x3mm moissanites. Three pear-shaped moissanite on one side designed like blooming flowers. Simple without being unique.


emerald cut moss agate ring

 Emerald cut moss agate engagement ring

3, Oval cut moss agate ring art deco emerald diamond wedding ring set for women. This is a two piece set, the two are separate rings, you can choose any way to wear them. The wedding bands are natural emeralds and diamonds. A good partner for emerald and moss agate, they are all the same color, but they will not be boring together.

oval cut moss agate wedding ring set

 oval cut moss agate engagement ring set