What is the meaning of turquoise?

Formation of turquoise

Turquoise,Named from French "turques" or "turquois" meaning "Turkish".It is an opaque mineral.a basic hydrous copper aluminum phosphate often containing a small amount of iron, sky-blue or greenish-blue in color.Hardness is 5 - 6.The important medium for the formation of turquoise is rainwater. When rainwater seeps into the ground, it becomes weakly acidic. After a long period of incubation, the water will dissolve rocks containing elements such as copper, aluminum, and phosphorus. When the special aqueous solution containing copper, aluminum, and phosphorus reaches the When saturated, these chemical elements deposit as new minerals in crevices and cavities in the rock, forming turquoise deposits.

What does turquoise mean spiritually?

Turquoise means success, good luck, and power. It is considered to be a sacred object symbolizing good luck and happiness. And is considered an incarnation of God. Turquoise corresponds to the "December star stone", which represents victory and success.

What are the benefits of turquoise?


1.As a natural jewelry , turquoise can have a certain anti-radiation effect when worn for a long time, especially for those who often work in front of the computer or who do not leave their mobile phones, often wearing turquoise will have a certain benefit.

2.Improve human immunity. Turquoise contains many trace elements that are beneficial to health. Long-term wear is conducive to enhancing human immunity, promoting cell regeneration, and playing a certain role in strengthening the body.


Turquoise is a calming stone that can induce inner peace. Turquoise helps to clear negative emotions from the mind, when you put it under your pillow, it is a good tool to help you sleep. turquoise is a good stone to accompany meditation.

Turquoise Jewelry Share- Engagement rings

1.Turquoise wedding ring rose gold vintage moissanite ring women half eternity annniversary bridal ring.Round turquoise and round moissanite are next to each other. Different colors collide with different sparks. They are very atmospheric and dignified. It is a good anniversary gift.

turquoise wedding ring

2.Unique turquoise wedding band opal ring solid rose gold art deco marqiuse cluster ring.The marquise-shaped turquoise and opal are placed in different positions, completely staggered, forming a "messy" beauty, which is a very artistic ring.

 turquoise wedding band

3.Vintage kite cut natural Turquoise engagement ring set diamond ring for women unique bridal wedding ring set.The kite-shaped turquoise is an artistic shape that is very unique. It has six claws in place and is very stable. As an accent stone, white moissanite can better highlight the nobility of turquoise.

turquoise engagement ring set