Things to Keep in Mind When Thinking of  Buying a Tourmaline Ring

If you want to surprise the love of your life with a gorgeous colored gem like no other, then you will love a Tourmaline ring. It is one of the most colorful gems you will ever find. Its name comes from ‘turamali’ a Sinhalese word which means mixed gems. Formed in its liquid-rich environment, tourmaline is the perfect gemstone for vibrant people or those who like to be daring with their fashion color. If your significant other loves to spice things up, then you can add a splash of color to her life with a tourmaline ring.

When it comes to buying a tourmaline ring, there are many factors that are worth considering. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of these factors and see if this marvelous gem is just what you are looking for.

Consider your Tourmaline Color

One thing that tourmaline is known for is its colors. It comes in many bright shades of red, blue, and green and pulses in pink, yellow, and orange tones. There is a black tourmaline, which is quite common, and a rare purple variety. Its many color options mean you can make as many combinations as you want as there are endless options.

Tourmaline stones with the most vivid colors and have no inclusions are the most valued stones. The most expensive stone is the Paraiba tourmaline, which has a popping electric blue color. Rubellite or red tourmaline, is the second most expensive variety while other colors command lower prices. The larger a stone, the more intense the color, and the higher the value of the gem.

The mood and color of tourmalines can be easily impacted by different light sources. White light brings out the beauty in blue and green, while pink and red showcase their sheen in incandescent light. Ensure you view your gem under the right kind of light source when choosing your tourmaline ring.

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Clarity of Tourmaline

When talking about tourmaline’s clarity, the focus is on the inclusions, not its transparency. When tourmaline forms, it traps crystals and liquid inclusions which disturbs the clarity. While these inclusions might affect the beauty of the stone as well as its durability, it doesn’t alter the stone’s value greatly but this is much more dependent on the color of the stone. Having said that, you will want to avoid tourmalines that have dark or large imperfections.

The Price of Enhanced Tourmaline

Tourmaline like any other gemstone can be enhanced through treatments, which produce gems of better quality. A dark stone can be treated to lighten it and improve its attractiveness. Fractures in Rubellite can be hidden with oiling and irradiation. In fact, almost all red, pink, blue, green, and Paraiba tourmalines typically are heated to improve their color and prevent fading.

Consider Tourmaline Ring Carat Size

Large Paraiba tourmaline stones over 2 carats in size are common, but there are even larger-sized tourmalines, like red and green tourmalines, which can reach sizes of up to 10 carats. The bigger the stone, the pricier it becomes. Since tourmaline’s color is more a determinant of its value more than size, it makes sense to aim for small but intensely colored stones for your ring.

Best Cut and Shape

There are a wide range of cuts for tourmalines and the right cut quality matters when it comes to tourmaline. The best cut tourmaline evenly reflects the light captured in radiant splendor with facets that have been perfectly placed. Emerald cuts do well to emphasize the lighter tones in dark stones. For lighter gems, oval, triangle, or round cuts are the best cuts. However, asymmetrically shaped tourmaline has poor brilliance so you would do well to avoid these types.

What Metal Works Best With Tourmaline?

With tourmaline not all metal types are compatible. Some metals bring out the color of the stone better compared to other metals. Gold, silver, or other metal alloys match beautifully well. Gold makes blue, brown, and black tourmaline pop out better, while yellow or white gold enhances green’s luster. Rose gold draws out pink tourmaline’s luminous sheen. It is important to consider the wearer’s skin type and tone when choosing a tourmaline ring metal

Caring for Tourmaline Ring

While Tourmaline is durable enough to be worn daily, it can still be scratched easily, as it rates 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. To clean your tourmaline ring, first, use a solution of mild detergent, warm water, and a clean cloth. Remember to take your tourmaline ring to a professional lapidary to get rid of dust in hidden areas and to polish the stone at least once a year. Since heat and chemicals can also affect the stone, it helps to use it carefully in extreme hot or cold temperatures and to remove your ring when entering water to swim. Generally, checks on your ring settings are recommended.