Is tanzanite december birthstone?

Tanzanite is december birthstone .

Blue is known as the color of the pure sky, and purple is the exclusive color of charm. The two colors can blend perfectly in the collision of one gemstone, which cannot be achieved by any other gemstone, except Tanzanite.

Birthstone Meaning

Many people ask if Tanzanite is OK for an engagement ring?

In fact, many people choose it as an engagement ring.

Tanzanite, is a gem Meaning love and eternity, symbolizing unique love.The "Heart of the Sea" in the Titanic is it.


So far, northern Tanzania
The Merelani region is the only known source in the world of gem-quality tanzanite.


After it was launched by Tiffany, it has been very popular.

In recent years, due to the scarcity of high-quality sapphire resources, the price of high-quality sapphire has risen sharply, and the price of other gemstones in the blue series has generally risen, among which the price of tanzanite with a color similar to sapphire has risen significantly.


Indigo is the best color for tanzanite, followed by violet, light purple blue, and so on. The color of high-quality Tanzanite should be pure, bright and uniform. In general, tanzanite with a rich color is worth more than a tanzanite with a lighter color.


Tanzanite is generally clean inside, and a few internal inclusions and surface blemishes will affect the appearance and durability of gemstones. The cleaner the inside of Tanzanite, the higher its value.


Under the same quality conditions, the greater the weight, the higher the carat unit price, which is the so-called gem carat premium. However, Tanzanite produced in nature has large-sized crystals, and large-grained Tanzanite is also common in the market, so the carat premium of Tanzanite is not as obvious as that of sapphire.

Brand story

One night,William said to his wife, the moonlight is so beautiful.

The wife smiled and said,yes,the wind is also very gentle.

Next, William designed this ring.

You are my sparkling fantasy.

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