Aquamarine Vs Blue Sapphire: Which One Is Perfect For an Engagement Ring?

Are you still in the confusion of liking blue gemstones but not knowing whether to choose sapphire or aquamarine?

Never mind, I will do my best to provide you with some valuable information.

Let you have a wedding ring like the sea.

Are sapphire and aquamarine the same thing?

It is common for aquamarine to be mistaken for sapphire, but it is not surprising that most friends who do not know much about gemstones will have this illusion.

In fact, aquamarine is not a type of sapphire. From the perspective of mineralogy, aquamarine is a type of beryl, and sapphire is a corundum gemstone, which is quite different from aquamarine. 

So, what kind of charm does aquamarine have that can fascinate so many people?

Different from the dark blue of sapphire, aquamarine has a fresh and natural sky blue or sea blue color, so there has always been a legend that aquamarine comes from the bottom of the sea, saying that it absorbs the essence of sea water to have such a beautiful color.

How should we choose an aquamarine ring?

*Color: Look for a stone with a pleasing blue color. Aquamarines can range from pale blue to deep blue-green, but a clear, bright blue is most desirable.

*Clarity: Check for any visible inclusions or blemishes within the stone. A higher clarity grade will increase the value of the ring.

*Cut: Choose a well-proportioned cut that showcases the stone's natural beauty. The most popular cut for aquamarines is the emerald cut, but other cuts like oval, pear, or round can also look stunning.

*Carat weight: Decide on a carat weight that suits your budget and personal preference. Larger stones are generally more valuable, but smaller stones can be just as beautiful.

*Setting: Choose a setting that complements the stone and suits your style. A simple solitaire setting can showcase the beauty of the aquamarine, while a halo setting can add extra sparkle and glamour.

How to Care for an Aquamarine Ring

Prevent friction and collision: The first thing to pay attention to when wearing an aquamarine ring is not to collide with other items to avoid scars.

Avoid high temperature exposure: Aquamarine is brittle and may burst in a high temperature environment. Therefore, aquamarine rings cannot be placed in a high temperature environment. Also, prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the color of aquamarine. 

Do not touch acid and alkali: Among chemical substances, acid and alkali are highly corrosive. If aquamarine gets in contact with it, it will corrode the outer layer, damage the internal texture and reduce the quality.

Regular cleaning and care: When wearing an aquamarine ring, pay attention to keep it clean, and wipe it with a soft cloth from time to time to keep its color bright.

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