Sapphires Are Only Blue?

How many different colors are there in sapphire?

Sapphire and ruby are "sister gemstones" of each other. They are both corundum minerals, which are the hardest natural minerals on earth other than diamonds.The main component of sapphire is alumina.Corundum contains trace elements such as iron (Fe) and titanium (Ti), Therefore, different contents of elements will present pink, yellow, green and blue gems.

Sapphire is a high-grade gemstone and is one of the five major gemstones, ranking third after diamonds and rubies. Sapphire is the birthstone for September and autumn.

Sapphire for engagement rings meaning

I don't know when sapphire and love have forged an indissoluble bond, and it is often regarded as the crystallization of pure love and a symbol of fidelity and loyalty to feelings. For lovers, sapphire is a touchstone for testing feelings. It is said that love will make the sapphire more dazzling, and when one of them changes their hearts, the luster will dim and disappear. If the sapphire is set into a ring, it will bring luck. and happy.

Sapphire meaning loyalty, constancy, love and honesty. Sapphire is also known as the "Stone of Destiny", which can bless the wearer's safety and bring good luck.

Sapphire engagement rings

1.7x10mm kite cut green sapphire engagement ring set rose gold marquise moissanite ring.This is one of the stones of sapphire - green sapphire.The kite-shaped green sapphire is not common and is one of the features of our store.White moissanite is the most versatile as a side stone.

                                                                Kite Cut Green Sapphire Ring

2.6x8mm Pear shaped sapphire engagement ring vintage sapphire jewelry twisted infinity diamond ring.A halo of moissanite surrounds the luminous sapphire.Blue sapphire is mysterious and serious.The twisted half-eternity moissanite gives this ring a different design.

                                                                 Pear Shape Blue Sapphire Ring

3.Pink Sapphire wedding ring-solid 14k white gold-handmade petite ring-half eternity- 1.2mm Matching band-tiny stones.Simple yet sophisticated ring, perfect for mom or as an anniversary gift.It can also be customized as a full eternity.

Pink Sapphire wedding ring