Radiate Like the Sun with a Sunstone Engagement Ring

As demand for new alternative gemstones for engagement rings continues to rise, so also is the growing list of attractive options. Sunstone is a beautiful gemstone that many are falling in love with. With a name derived from its warm but vibrant color as well as visible flickering patterns, reminiscent of the sunshine, it’s no surprise why it is being adored. Like many colored stones, it can be found in different orange-colored hues. However, it is not the strongest stone out there as it has a rating of 6.5 on the Mohs scale. However, that can never take anything away from the fact that this unique gem can be a great engagement ring stone, and if properly cared for, can last a lifetime. With that said, let’s find out more about sunstone and sunstone engagement rings.

What is Sunstone?

Sunstone is a feldspar crystal and contains inclusions of hematite or copper that reflect light in parallel orientation, thus creating a sheen in gold or brown shade responsible for the stone’s warm and glowing appearance. While sunstone typically comes in colors ranging from pale peach to dark orange, it can also be found in other shades of green, gray, and pink. Sunstone is mostly found in the United States, Canada, Norway, and India.

History of Sunstone

Not much was initially known about sunstone, as it was rare and quite costly until heavy deposits were found in Norway and Siberia. The United States, however, has become a dominant producer of sunstone. A labradorite variety of the stone that showcases an aventurescence effect (an optical reflectance effect caused by copper inclusions in certain gems) is known as Oregon sunstone because it is mined primarily in Oregon.

A native legend once described the stone as imbued with the blood of a great warrior, who was wounded by an arrow and had his blood drip onto the stones. His spirit, which was carried into the stones made the stones have such beautiful red-orange tones while also giving the gem sacred powers.

However, with a name like Sunstone, there is no surprise in seeing its association with the sun’s radiance and the energy it radiates to sustain life.  The stone is believed to bring joy, happiness, and enjoyment of life and according to some metaphysical beliefs, can cleanse auras and chakras effectively.

Features of Sunstone Engagement Rings

Being an unusual but exceptional engagement ring option for couples, it is therefore important to have full and complete information about what to look out for when choosing a sunstone engagement ring. Here are some important features of sunstone engagement rings:

  1. Color

Sunshine has a predominantly warm hue, which is a deep orange to reddish-brown color, but other color shades like yellow, green, pink, gray, and even colorless ones exist. It is crucial to go for a color that best complements the wearer's skin when selecting the perfect gemstone engagement ring.

  1. Cut

Almost any cut out there can bring out sunstone’s unique features. Whether, it is an emerald cut, oval, or round cut, sunstone’s elegance never dampens.

  1. Setting

Whether it is the classic solitaire setting or any other ornamental ring setting, there are enough options that are guaranteed to complement your personal style and preferences.

  1. Metal

Due to sunstone’s rich earthy hues, it works perfectly with all metal stones, be it gold, silver, or platinum, when it comes down to pairing sunstone with metals, you will rarely go wrong here. You only need to consider your personal style and skin tone when making a choice.

  1. Inclusions

One of this gem’s most unique features is its inclusions. Sunstone’s inclusions are some of the most interesting features of the stone. If lots of inclusions is your thing, you will find options that offer a glittering sunshine effect, but if you like it calm and simpler, then choose a sunstone engagement ring stone with fewer inclusions.

  1. Price

Finally, sunstone is an affordable colored stone alternative to the more expensive diamond alternatives like sapphire and emerald. However, keep in mind that the price of a sunstone depends on several factors like size, clarity, the kind of metal used, and what its setting is.

How to Care for Sunstone Engagement Ring

It is important to properly care for sunstone considering it is relatively soft and can be damaged if not looked after well. To clean your ring properly, use a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Avoid using chemical or ultrasonic cleaners, which can easily react with the stone and damage it. Also, since sunstone is sensitive to high temperatures, it is important to not expose it to such high temperatures like wearing them in hot tubs or saunas or leaving it out in cold rooms. Remember to remove it before engaging in anything that has to deal with extreme temperatures.

Final Words

If you’ve been searching and looking for a warm and elegant engagement ring stone option like no other, then the sunstone engagement ring is the one! It is guaranteed to turn heads and spark a conversation because of its no traditional warm and glowing appearance and glittering inclusions. Of course, apart from these, you need to consider other factors such as cut, clarity, metals, and settings that contribute to your engagement ring’s ultimate value if you want to get a high-quality piece of jewelry that you can be proud of. By working with a reputable jeweler like us who understands the needs of the unconventional couple, you can get a beautiful sunstone engagement ring that is a masterpiece and will stand the test of time.