Is alexandrite good for engagement rings?

What Is Alexandrite And What Are Its Properties

Since the 19th century, alexandrite has been a favorite gemstone variety. Because of its color-changing effect of green in sunlight and red in candlelight and incandescent lamps, many people praised alexandrite as "emerald in the day and ruby in the night."

According to legend, when this color-changing gemstone was first discovered in Russia in 1830, when Alexander came of age, it was named "Alexander Stone" after the crown prince.

Alexandrite contains trace amounts of chromium Gr and vanadium V, making it the strongest transmission of green light, followed by red light transmission, and strong absorption of all other light.

During the day, due to the sunlight, the most green light is transmitted through it, so it presents a green tone. However, at night, when a candle rich in red light, an oil lamp or a tungsten incandescent lamp is illuminated, the transmitted red light It is very large, so it has a red tint.

Alexandrite Is The Birthstone Of Which Month?

Happy birthday to you in June! There shouldn't be too many choices of birthstones!

In addition to moonstone and pearls, there is a rare and special gem that is also one of the birthstones of June, it is alexandrite.

No matter what month you were born, you have your own "birthstone". These precious gems given to us by nature have been mined, ground and processed into exquisite gemstones for wear since ancient times.Astrologers recommend this gem as a Cancer stone.This healing gemstone activates the vital Chakras of the body including Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra.

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3.Oval cut Alexandrite engagement ring rose gold art deco vintage unique moissanite wedding ring for women fine jewelry.Three stone design.One large alexandrite center stone and two small emerald side stones.Alexandrite will appear green during the day, and it is the same color as emerald, so it is very nice to match.

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