How many types of blue topaz are there?

The history of topaz

Topaz, there are two theories about the origin of the name: one is put forward by the ancient Roman scholar Pliny, who thinks it is derived from the Greek "Topazios" (this is the name of an island rich in peridot, peridot and topaz in appearance Like, it is not easy to find gems, so the word also has the meaning of "hard to find") evolved, originally referring to a small island in the Red Sea called "Topaz" rich in yellow peridot, the locals mistakenly called it yellow gem.

Another way of saying it is derived from the Sanskrit "Topas", which means "fire". In 1737, a man named Henkel named it after Topaz, which described the topaz that was abundant in Germany.

How many types of blue topaz are there?

It must be noted that some of the topaz colors that are popular in the market are the result of irradiation and heat treatment. Some blue topaz on the market is made from natural colorless topaz that is first irradiated to make it brown and then heat-treated to make it blue.Blue is the most popular topaz color in today’s jewelry marketplace.Colors from dark to light are London blue, Swiss blue, and sky blue.Topaz is considered the birthstone of December and is also the gemstone for the 23rd wedding anniversary.

London blue topaz

London blue topaz dominates the market. London Blue Topaz is a deeper blue shade with medium to dark hue and saturation. It is darker than common topaz, but lighter than sapphire. In fact, color is best described as a midway point between the two.

Blue topaz engagement ring

1.Round cut London blue topaz engagement ring rose gold unique cluster engagement ring.Accent stones clustered like flowers.

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