A Guide to Gemstone Ring Shapes

In today's fashion world, colored gemstone rings of different shapes and sizes have soared in popularity, becoming a must-have accessory for many women. These are the trending ring designs you'll want to consider.

A gemstone ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a statement. It brings a touch of glamour and sophistication to any attire. With a wide and growing range of choices from majestic rubies to sophisticated emeralds and more, these rings offer an array of colors and designs to fit any preference and occasion. Thinking of expanding your jewelry collection with a new gemstone ring? The plethora of choices can be overwhelming, making it tough to decide on the perfect addition.

No matter if your taste leans towards bold and striking or subtle and refined, there's a gemstone ring out there that will seamlessly align with your personal style. To aid you in your search, here's an overview of the most sought-after gemstone ring shapes, ensuring you find a piece that resonates with your preferred vibe.

The Most Popular Gemstone Ring Shapes

The variety of gemstone rings out there today mirror the diversity of gemstones themselves, each available in numerous shapes and styles. Highlighted here are some of the most sought-after shapes, renowned for their undeniable beauty and sophistication.

1. Round  

Round-cut gemstones hold the title of being the most traditional and favored shape. Their timeless design suits everyone beautifully. The round shape accommodates numerous facets, enabling the gemstone to dazzle with exceptional brilliance.

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2. Cushion

Cushion-cut gemstones, characterized by their rounded square form, are often referred to as pillow cuts. This style offers a classic look with a vintage and romantic flair.

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3. Princess

Princess-cut gemstones boast a perfect square silhouette, known for their elegance and vibrant sparkle. The princess cut's clean, straight lines lend a contemporary edge to its design. Its elegance has causes a recent surge in popularity, making it a highly sought-after choice for its modern yet timeless appeal.

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4. Oval

Oval-cut gemstones combine the timelessness of a round shape with a distinctive twist. Their slightly extended form often makes the oval gemstone appear larger than its round counterpart, and it has the added benefit of creating an illusion of longer, more slender hands.

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5. Emerald

Emerald-cut gemstones are known for their striking presence. Characterized by a rectangular form with defined lines and flat planes, this cut originally exclusive to emeralds is now popular across various gemstone types. Ideal for larger rings that aim to make a dramatic impact, the emerald cut, with its fewer facets, may not exhibit as much sparkle as other styles, but its bold and clear appearance more than compensates.

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6. Radiant

The radiant cut closely resembles the emerald shape but distinguishes itself with additional facets. This extra detailing endows radiant-cut gemstones with enhanced sparkle, aptly reflected in its name. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a style with abundant brilliance and "bling."

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7. Asscher

Asscher-cut gemstones share similarities with the emerald cut but are notably more square. This style exudes an Art Deco essence, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a vintage aesthetic. 

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8. Pear

The pear cut, known for its unique elegance, is also referred to as the teardrop shape. This versatile style allows for the gemstone to be worn with the pointed end either facing up or down. Its distinctiveness has garnered increasing popularity and attention in recent times.

9. Marquise

Marquise-cut gemstones, characterized by their elongated oval shape with pointed ends, radiate a regal and vintage glamour. This cut is particularly flattering for creating the appearance of long and slender fingers.

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10. Trillion

Trillion-cut gemstones are distinctively triangular, with either straight or slightly curved sides depending on the gem type. This cut enhances the stone's brilliance, making it exceptionally unique and eye-catching with its striking triangular form.

11. Cabochon

Cabochon gemstones feature a polished, rounded top and a flat bottom, without any facets. This shape is among the simplest in gemstone cuts. Its charm lies in its ability to highlight the natural beauty of the stone in a pure, unadorned form.

12. Heart

The heart cut stands out as an enchantingly charming shape for gemstones. This playful and love-symbolizing style is ideal for those who embody a romantic and whimsical personality.

Gemstone Engagement Ring Shapes

What is the best gemstone engagement ring shape for you? It's evident that the choices are as unique and varied as the couples themselves.

The timeless round cut continues to be popular for many couples, favored for its unparalleled brilliance and classic appeal. It's a shape that promises to never go out of style, making it a perfect choice for those who cherish enduring elegance. The oval cut, with its elongated shape, offers a modern twist on the traditional, providing a flattering and unique option for the trendsetting bride-to-be.

If a vintage-inspired look is your thing, the cushion and emerald cuts are your best bet. The cushion cut, with its soft edges and romantic feel, exudes a vintage charm, while the emerald cut's clean lines and open table showcase a gem's clarity like no other, perfect for a bride with a love for sophistication and simplicity.

The princess cut remains a favorite for its contemporary and chic vibe, appealing to those who prefer a more modern aesthetic. Its sharp lines and brilliant sparkle make it a standout choice for a bride who loves to shine.

In recent times, we have been seeing a rise in the popularity of more unique shapes like the pear and marquise, which offer a distinctive and eye-catching alternative to traditional designs. These shapes are ideal for those who wish to make a statement and embrace individuality.

As you select your perfect gemstone engagement ring, remember that the shape you choose is more than just a style preference. It's a reflection of your personal love story, tastes and the journey you and your love are about to embark on together.