A Buyer's Guide To 3 Carat Moissanite Rings

3 Carat moissanite ring is quite a big stone ring.While a lot of rings are only mentioned about dimensions,how do we distinguish the carat from so many shapes of moissanite?

How big is 3 carat moissanite?

Shape Size
Round  9mm
Oval 8x10mm
Emerald 7x9mm
Pear 8x12mm
Princess 8mm



How much should a 3 carat moissanite ring be?

The cost of a 3-carat moissanite ring can vary widely based on several factors, including the quality of the moissanite, the type of setting, the metal used for the band, and the overall craftsmanship of the ring. 

At that time, a 3-carat moissanite ring could range from approximately $500 to $3,000 USD or more. This price range is significantly lower than what you might expect to pay for a 3-carat diamond ring, which could easily be tens of thousands of dollars.

Here Willwork Jewelr will choose the top 5 shape moissanites to get the data.The top 5 shapes 3 carat Moissanite engagement rings are Round,Oval,Pear,Emerald and Princess.

This classic 3 carat princess cut moissanite engagement ring features a unique hidden halo with a pyramid under halo basket and 14k rose gold leaf prongs. Crafted to perfection, this timeless design will give her sparkle no matter the occasion.

This beautiful 3 carat round cut moissanite ring is made with a 6 prong setting and set in 14k yellow gold. Its art deco five stone setting showcases a 3carat moissanite center, perfect for a stunning engagement or wedding promise ring.

This beautiful Moissanite engagement ring features a stunning 3ct oval moissanite with a unique art deco white gold cluster setting. An eye-catching marquise cut diamond center stone is complimented by smaller moissanite diamonds and makes for the perfect engagement, wedding, or anniversary ring.

This stunning engagement ring features a 3 carat emerald cut moissanite center stone in a claw prong setting, surrounded by a hidden halo of diamonds set in a 14k rose gold under halo basket. Perfect for making a unique statement, this beautiful ring provides the look of a much more expensive ring at an amazing value.

This gorgeous 3 carat pear shaped Moissanite engagement ring set is the perfect way to celebrate your everlasting love. Crafted from solid 14k rose gold, this unique three stone bridal set positively sparkles with sophistication and style. Make this timeless symbol of commitment part of your love story today.

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