7 Great Reasons You Should Consider Buying a Sapphire Engagement Ring

It is common knowledge that diamonds are every woman’s first choice for engagement rings. However, there is one popular alternative that should certainly interest you for an engagement ring. Sapphire!

This precious gemstone is known for its attractive blue color and also comes in other color varieties like pink, yellow, and green. Sapphires belong to the corundum family of minerals, which includes rubies. Besides being such a pretty gem, Sapphire is almost as hard as diamonds, and that makes it one of the earth’s hardest minerals and a perfect engagement rings tone that can last a long time.

Sapphires have been highly valued gemstones since the beginning of time, and have even been mentioned several times in the bible. They have been associated with the British royal family as the gem features on the British Crown Jewels as well as Lady Diana’s engagement ring. While they have been adored throughout history, this is just one of the few reasons why sapphire has always been popular as engagement ring stones. Let’s take a look at some of the other interesting reasons as well.

1. Affordable Gems

There are several factors such as size, shape, cut, color, and origin which all influence the price of the sapphire. Generally, however, they cost less than diamonds of the same shape and carat weight. Because of this, they are perfect for couples looking for an engagement ring that features a large center gemstone but are unable to afford large diamonds, which can be too pricey. One particular variety of sapphires has been growing as an increasingly popular alternative to diamond engagement rings, and that is white sapphire. The reason should be obvious by now, they both look alike from afar but sapphires are the more affordable stones.

2. What color is sapphire?

Sapphire is recognized for its predominantly blue color, however, it also comes in other beautiful colors, which range from white to lush greens, sun yellow, pretty pink, royal purple, and just about any other color there is. The Kashmir Sapphire is the most valuable of fancy sapphires. Being the most priced Sapphire per carat, Kashmir Sapphire features a pure velvety blue or violet-blue color. It may interest you to know that since rubies are composed of the same mineral (corundum) as sapphires, they are also known as red sapphires.

3. It is the Ethical Choice

Sapphire is mostly mined in community-owned or family mines, which makes it easy to trace where the money goes - back to the local communities. Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Madagascar are the primary sources of the world’s sapphires. Mining is properly regulated in these countries compared to diamonds, which have been at the center of conflicts and wars and primarily used for criminal activities for hundreds of years. Also, most communities where diamond is mined continue to wallow in poverty and disease, because they don’t benefit from it. It’s quite easy to predict that a diamond in the market today may have had a dark past than it is to doubt the origin of a sapphire gem.

4. Be Nontraditional


Couples looking for a perfect alternative to diamonds for engagement rings typically choose sapphire engagement rings because of their popularity. But beyond that, sapphires also offer a uniqueness in their appearance due to the many variances in their shades. No two sapphires ever look alike even if they have the same color, because they are differentiated by their shades.

5. Their Value does not Diminish

Because of the ever-growing demand for sapphires as engagement ring stones, their value has remained on the rise for many years. Evidence of this has been visible at auction houses across the US, UK, and the world at large in recent times. It appears that as customers are becoming more and more aware of sapphire’s value, so also is the demand for the gemstone. It is safe to assume, this trajectory is not changing anytime soon.

6. Is Sapphire good for ring?

Sapphires rank 9 on the Mohs scales of hardness, right next to the hardest of them all diamond, which ranks 10. As a result, sapphires are considered extremely durable and quite hard making them great for everyday wear jewelry like engagement rings. Another great thing about sapphires is that they don’t have cleavage, which means not only are they scratch-resistant, but they won’t break easily when hit or struck easily.

7. They are Rarer than Diamonds

Would you believe it? Diamonds are not even as rare as Sapphires. Diamond’s popularity began to soar since the 50’s De Beer campaign and has so dominated the gem scene that it has changed the public’s view of diamonds. This has made people to think diamonds are the rarest stones, however, in comparison with the other four precious stones close to it, diamonds are the least common. Like rubies and emeralds, sapphires are rarer than diamonds and the rarest sapphires are the orange and pink sapphires. Because sapphire is so rare, the gemstone is so valuable. Contrast this to a diamond’s value, which is primarily determined by the market.


Couples who dare to be different and move away from the traditional engagement ring will find sapphire the perfect alternative. With its vibrant blue color, toughness, affordability, and all the other great reasons mentioned in this article, you would be sure without a doubt that sapphire is an exceptional gemstone that your partner will cherish on her engagement ring for a lifetime.

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